Chapter 4, Guilt

Everyone envied Nadia for living in a luxurious modern villa that overlooked the sea. They envied her for her beauty, elegance, and marrying a rich man who was lucky enough to be employed as an Investment Placement Officer in a time when the market was booming. She, herself, was feeling blessed to have all that although she came from a well off and known family. It’s the attention, the admiration, and being under the spotlight that kept her going.

After spending two hours at the gym, she walked into her house to find her husband Manaf sitting on a white leather sofa holding his iPad. “You’re back early this week”, she said, surprised to see him.

“Yup. My evening flight was canceled so I took an earlier one” he said coldly with his eyes fixed on the iPad.

Nadia walked to the sofa and sat beside him, “It’s good that they informed you earlier at least”.

“Yeah” he nodded, still with all his attention on the iPad.

“Wanna go out for dinner tonight?”


“Where do you feel like going?”


“Shall we go to Meat Co?”

“Let’s keep it casual. Blaze Burgers will do. And call your friends if you like” he finally raised his head and looked her in the eyes.

Instead of screaming and accusing him of being ignorant recently and obviously avoiding spending quality time with her, she swallowed it all and calmly reached for her mobile and messaged the girls: “Manaf is inviting you for dinner tonight. See you in Blaze at 8”.



Yara was laying on her bed watching Grey’s Anatomy when Tamara walked in carrying a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

“Want some?” said Tamara opening the box.

“Please, that’s a perfect mood lifter” said Yara picking up an Original Glazed.

“You seriously watch this?” asked Tamara as she turned her head to the TV.

“I’m 28, what do you expect me to watch? Hannah Montana?”

“No. Glee!” said Tamara and let her tongue out.

“Get lost” said Yara as she watched Tamara making her way out of the room. She admired her for finding her joy in watching Glee and in a box full of donuts. She wished for two things at that moment, for her to be at Tamara’s age, and for her father to be alive. Things would have been different if he was still alive. She’d travel around the world just like she always did, buy designer bags and stay in five star hotels. She missed feeling safe and secured. She missed all the love and support that he used to provide her with. It’s been months since he left, but she still can’t get over the fact that he’s gone and how his death changed her life tremendously.

Her mind then shifted to the last time she saw Fahad. She thought of her harsh reaction and how that made her live with guilt the past few days. She realized by then that the way she handled it was wrong, and that she let out everything that she was going through on him.

Meredith Grey ended the episode with her life quotes, but Yara’s mind was far from it.  The only thing that brought her back to her senses was the clock that pointed at 7. Time to get ready for dinner.



“I will never get over how good this burger is!” said Yara as she took a bite of Old School Burger.

“This place should expand around GCC. I can easily find investors in Doha” said Manaf confident.

“By the way Manaf, I’ll spend the weekend in Durrat AlBahrain with the girls” said Nadia and took a sip of diet coke.

“Sure” nodded Manaf and went on bragging about the need to market Bahraini businesses in the Gulf. She was hoping that he’d object, that he’d ask her to spend the weekend with him since they only get to see each other on weekends. But she wasn’t surprised that he didn’t.

The three ladies turned their heads around curiously to see the person that Manaf was waving at warmly through the big window. That window offered an excellent view of everyone who passed by to access Adliya where all the hip and fine dining restaurants were located. And what a view it was to find Osama waving and smiling back!

Dalal’s eyes popped out of place: “He knows him too!” she whispered to Yara who was sitting next to her.

“Ssshhhh. He’s coming” said Yara and looked back to check if Fahad was with him, but he wasn’t.

The backdoor was opened, Osama walked in and made his way directly to Manaf who stood up to greet him. The ladies exchanged confused looks.

“This is Nadia my wife” said Manaf introducing them. “And those are Yara and Dalal, her friends”.

“You girls look familiar” said Osama after greeting them.

“Accounting class” said Dalal excitingly and Yara hit her leg immediately.

“Oh yes that’s right. It’s been a while. So what do you do now?” he asked sweetly.

“I work in BBK” Said Dalal, still excited.

Osama nodded and turned his gaze to Yara. “I have my own business” she said calmly.

“That’s great. What kind of business?”

“Art Gallery. I sell photos and paintings”.

“Awesome. What about you Nadia?”

“She’s a housewife” answered Manaf.

“I used to work in a law firm but I quit when I got married.” Explained Nadia offended.

“Oh, you studied law?”

“Yeah, accounting class did me no good so I transferred”

Osama laughed, “It’s good to see you girls after all those years.”

“Who are you with?” asked Manaf.

“With the guys. They are upstairs. Can you pass by our table when you’re done? I want you to meet someone” said Osama.

“I can come now.” said Manaf and followed Osama upstairs.

“Can you believe what just happened?” asked Dalal in over excitement.

Nadia started giving Dalal a long lecture about how she should act more mature with men: “You have to be calm. Don’t be such a blah”.

“What did I say? He asked and I answered!”

“She will never get it. Leave her!” said Yara with a distracted mind. She was hoping that Fahad was not upstairs, and that he doesn’t turn out to know Manaf as well.

“But what are the odds? We don’t see the guy for years and suddenly he’s everywhere!” said Dalal, still not getting over it.

“Hey, what are you thinking of?” said Nadia as she noticed Yara absent minded.

“You think that I was rude to Fahad?”

“Yes. You had a point, but he seems to be a gentleman and I’m sure that he didn’t mean to offend you” said Nadia.

“I really don’t understand how you had the ability to insult him!” said Dalal.

“I was angry and I shouldn’t have judged him” she looked around nervously with a feeling that he’d suddenly show up and join the guys upstairs. Scenarios were playing in her head with different reactions and conversations. He didn’t come.

The ladies were walking towards Lilo Cafe to have dessert after dinner when Dalal’s phone rang: “Hey mama…I’m fine…dinner was delicious…I had the Tabooga….”.
“They have the cheesiest mother-daughter relationship I’ve ever seen” said Yara as Dalal kept on giving her mother details about their evening.


“Girls, my mother is inviting you over to watch a movie now” said Dalal loudly.

“I can’t, Manaf just got back today.” Said Nadia.

“I can!!” said Yara.

“Great…Mama, Yara is coming..Who’s at home?”


“I need to spend some time with that hyper family. I need it for some reason” whispered Yara.

Nadia smiled: “I understand”.


“Yaraaaaa, finally, shloanech? How is your mother? Why don’t you ever come visit?” said Dalal’s mother as she grabbed Yara and showered her with kisses without giving her any chance to answer. “I always ask Dalal about you. Why don’t you come have lunch with us? This is your house my dear you shouldn’t be shy. And get your mother too I’d love to see her, you know I love being around people always…….” She went on and on while Yara struggled to breath between all the rough hugs and smooches.

“So which movie are we going to watch?” wondered Dalal taking a seat.

“Your brother got this one. Hangover? and I have an Egyptian one with Ahmed Helmi. Which one do you like Yara?” asked the mother holding the DVDs.

“Let’s watch the Egyptian one” said Yara, in desperate need for this family’s crazy comments.


“Oh Yara’s here!” said Dalal’s brother as he walked out of his room wiping the lenses of his eyeglasses with his t-shirt.

“Hey Ahmedo, sup?” said Yara.

“Still single” he joked and put the glasses on.

“Only because you’re blind my son. Look how gorgeous this girl is. You better marry her before someone else steals her just like they did with Nadia.” Said the mother.

Ahmed blushed and got embarrassed when Nadia’s name was mentioned. He was one of the many guys who had a crush on her before she got married.

“Come on auntie, he’s like a brother to us. We grew up together” said Yara in an attempt to make the conversation less awkward.

“Don’t start this brother issue. There is no such thing. Yalla play the movie, I want to laugh. And you two will realize someday that you’re wrong. What a generation!”  Complained Dalal’s mother and took a pile of sunflower seeds from a bowl that was placed on the table beside her.

Yara was laughing so hard that her eyes were tearing because of all the hilarious commentaries around her. All kind of junk were being passed around; cheese curls, popcorn, seeds, soft drinks, tea…etc.  For a couple of hours this family managed to get Yara’s attention away from all her problems. She blocked all the thoughts and enjoyed the night.


The next morning, Yara was reversing the car out of her garage when she noticed Tamara by the house door waving and asking her to come back. She parked the car outside and went back in: “What is it?”

“You’ve got to see this!” said Tamara pointing her head to the hallway. Yara turned around and froze in shock: “Mama!! What happened to you!”

Her mother was standing in her full glory and elegance. She was wearing a short navy blue dress with a black belt around her waist, her thick black hair was blow-dried, her face was finally looking alive with pink blusher on her cheeks and eyeliner and mascara perfectly applied. Her black high heels added few centimeters to her tall posture and her Gucci handbag was dangling on her arm.

“I thought that you’d be happy to see me like this!” said the mother with her hand on her waist.

The girls stared at each other and burst out laughing. “Seriously, what are you up to?” Asked Yara.

“Well, I decided that it’s time for me to move on” said Sajida.

“By doing what exactly?” asked Yara trying to hold a laugh.

“By living! As simple as that!” said the mother.

“Oops” said Tamara.

“It’s time to fix my relations with all people around me. Or maybe find new people and new relations. You see, if I had any good friends or if I was in good terms with my family we could’ve got help when we needed it!” said the mother moving a streak of hair away from her face.

“Now we’re talking” said Yara realizing her mother’s intentions.

“Please tell me that you didn’t expect me to say that I’m getting a job!” said the mother.

“Coming from you, it won’t make sense!” said Yara.

“Good. And now excuse me, I have a lot of work to do” said the mother and made her way out with the sound of her heels echoing all around the house.


Yara was re-arranging some photos in the studio when she suddenly saw Fahad crossing the road towards his café. She rushed outside,“FAHAD”, she called after him.

“I owe you an apology”, said Yara nervously after they said their hellos. “I wish that I could take it back. I was angry and I didn’t know what I was saying”.

“I just wish that you gave me a chance to explain. It was a misunderstanding. I tried calling you to tell you about it before you found out”

“I know, I realized that later on” she lowered her head.

“Anyhow, you have to be sure that I wasn’t prying and that I wasn’t trying to insult you or anything of that sort”

Yara smiled “You know..I was thinking.. a man who appreciates art cannot be insensitive.”.

Fahad laughed “I don’t blame you. I’m a stranger who paid your bill. It is freaky in a way”.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that a lot is going on and I let it out on you”

“I’m sorry too. I should’ve talked to you before taking any action”

“I can forgive you under one condition”

“Women! And what’s that condition?”

“You don’t pay me for the photo that you ordered from me”

“Come on. It’s worth much more than the bill I paid”

“It’s the only thing that will make me feel better about all this!” she insisted.

“Alright fine. It’s a deal. Friends?” said Fahad as he offered his hand for her to shake.

She slowly moved her hand away from her waist and placed it in his warm masculine hand: “Friends” she said..