Saks & the City

Have you ever walked into a fashion store and wished that it was your wardrobe? That wish came true for me yesterday!! Me & some other lucky bloggers got an interesting invitation from Saks M.E to design our own mannequins. And what a fun experience it was!! At first it was very challenging to pick an outfit out of all the gorgeous displayed items. But it got easier when i narrowed my options and decided to go for a simple outfit that represented me best. A pink, short Marni dress caught my eyes and i fell in love with it immediately. I wanted my mannequin to look elegant, not funky nor loud. And so the pink dress was the perfect choice. I started walking around holding the dress, looking for a matching bag, accessory and shoes. It was funny how everyone was telling me: That’s so you!! It was a good lesson for me to stop wishing to change my style and go for a new look. Because it seemed like i had my own look that i was known for. Even though it’s simple, it tells a lot about my personality. I tried to break the simplicity by looking for a funky accessory. I like the combination of pink and green and i had green in mind while searching for a necklace. It took me a while, but i found the perfect one! I failed to find green heels in the shoe section but i went for classic black heels to maintain the elegant look. Finding a matching bag was the most difficult part. I kept roaming around between Balenciaga, Bottega, Celine, and Mulberry but none of the bags complimented the look i was going for. I gave up and picked a pink Balenciaga. And so, my mannequin ended up looking exactly like me. Simple and pink with a failed trial to break the classic look, which was the green necklace.

For someone who finds her fun in writing and reading, fashion was a great way to break the routine and seek inspiration elsewhere. Thank you Saks for this great opportunity.



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