29, Glorious 29

–    That Cozy Se7oor: I looked around at that transition moment at 12 mid night when my 28th year ended and my 29th started. I was surrounded by my best friends, feeling the warmth of their company and laughing about our wrong choices of Lebanese food in Abdelwahab restaurant. My phone started receiving continuous greeting messages, statuses were updated with birthday wishes and my face was suddenly in many friends’ Display Pictures. I love attention. And at that moment I was the center of attention and I loved being under the spotlight for no reason except for being born 29 years ago, on that day. And the picture was complete with Fairouz playing in the background. Her songs are the soundtrack of my life.

–    It Got To Be 2011: On my way back home I passed by Ras Rumman to see Police Jeeps parking and few policemen surrounding the area. I turned my head right to see that typical view of trash and bricks all over the entrance that was caused by rioters. 2011, the year of endless riots stamped a reminder on my 29th birthday.

–    The Bike Revolution: Driving through the neighborhood after 1:30am, I saw a boy riding his bike. I usually feel jealous when I see people riding bikes in the city when I only get to do that around the beach house. But this time I felt proud of myself for trying and learning how to ride a bike recently. I smiled all the way back home.

–    The Kuwaiti TV Commercial: After having 3 Safi fish and a huge plate of rice for fu6oor at granny’s I was feeling so heavy that I couldn’t lift up the newspaper to read it. And just when everyone was seated in the living room to watch el Camera el Makhshosha, my aunt Shaikha walked in with a cake and that candle that is more like a firework. Some started singing happy birthday, some didn’t really care (jafaf), while my aunt was complaining about the firework candle suffocating her while carrying the cake. Sitting next to my cake, I started taking pictures with my phone, my aunt kissed me and broke the jafaf, my grandma was so touched that she started crying as usual and I turned to her and kissed her, family members in the background doing different things, someone pouring tea and someone making fun of the drama. All that and my dad was video taping the scene with his iphone. A typical Kuwaiti TV Commercial.

–    Precious gifts: Three of my favourite people made my night by giving me precious gifts that will last for life. They made me feel extra special and lucky. Yes, I felt lucky. I feel lucky. I am a lucky 29 years old lady.

–    The Last Scene: I never thought that being in a room with three 2-months old babies would be so much fun. I’m not a big fan of kids. But when three of my close friends gave birth to three adorable babies a couple of months ago I started feeling the motherly love. Every time I carry one I get a very warm feeling and my heart gets filled with love. That’s how my day ended, carrying baby Shaikha, dancing for baby Khalid, and making fun of lazy baby Rashid.

And that was the kind of birthday that I will never forget.


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