UOB.. Memories of the early 2000s

My old friend Nawaf took me 10 years back in time when he reminded me how much i used to love the song “Ghareeb” in UOB..now i’m stuck there:

Remembering the drive to UOB every morning in my Golden Bora, listening to all kinds of mixed tapes (especially A.Karim A.Qader) & parking in the “cool” parking area!

Remembering the walk to the business building carrying the heavy books & hiding from the security lady who always comments on my clothes!

Remembering how we used to dress up on SMW because the uni is too busy & be casual on UT because it’s almost empty.

Remembering skipping lectures, going for a drive in Riffa & having 6an6a chicken sandwich

Remembering laughing out loud in that very small corner upstairs near the stairs that was enough to fit all the “cool” business students!

Remembering that very famous sarcastic e-mail that i wrote & was widely spread around. Random people gave me thumbs up!

Remembering my very favourite Dr. Sameera Al Khazrajy. Her lectures were my favourite

Remembering the huge National Day celebration when the King came & i was the one who offered him a trey of chocolate 😀 

Remembering how all students used to go to Seef for lunch every Wednesday and Chili’s for dinner every Thursday (parking crisis).