Sunrise with Barry White..23-11-2009

My day starts at 7:30am, that’s when the alarm rings and I open my eyes. I change, have my cereal quickly while reading the news paper and head to work. I spend over 9 hours at work. I leave the office after 5:30, when it’s already dark outside. The only time I get to see the sun is when I walk to my granny’s for lunch, a 3 seconds walk!  After a long working day I go home and work out for an hour. Sometimes I jog, sometimes I do yoga, aerobics and exercises of that sort. After I shower I sometimes go out for a social obligation, or have dinner with friends, or have a society meeting, or stay home reading and watching episodes (always the best option).
By the time I get to bed I’d be exhausted. I immediately fall asleep the moment I put my head on the pillow. Usually, I go to bed at around 12 mid night and wake up at 4:30 to pray then I go back to sleep. But this was not the case today. When I went back to bed after praying, I picked up my phone and checked the recent updates. One of my contacts wrote something with the words first and last. And when I put my phone aside to sleep, the intro of Barry White’s My First, My Last, my Everything started playing in my head. Who can sleep with such tempo in his head?
The song kept on playing and I was moving my feet and head as I lay sleepless on my bed. I don’t know if it’s a fact or if it’s just me, but I always get the most accurate, creative and clear thoughts when I’m half asleep!!  I felt like a 100 wire was connected to my head, each had its own topic but Barry White was present in the background all the way.. my kind of wonderful, that’s what you are…(8)
The sun started to shine. My room has an issue with curtains. I always end up having a curtain that SUCKS the sun light and throws it up in my room!! A couple of months ago I spent a fortune on a new curtain and STILL, my room is brighter than the outside! The sun light had hit my eyes and I heard something moving outside my room, the maid was awake which meant that it passed 6 o’clock. My precious sleeping hours were passing by while I spent it singing with Barry White who decided to come back from the dead to keep me awake! You’re my reality, yet I’m lost in aaaaa dream (8)
It then hit me that I’m not going to Europe this winter. It’s good that I’m breaking the routine, but there are certain things that I’ll miss. But who knows? I might wake up one morning and decide to go. Just like I did many times before. You’re the first…you’re the last…my everything (8)
The song started to fade out and I finally fell asleep. And what a nap I had! I saw a horse getting killed infront of me. Then some buildings started blowing up one after the other while I stood in queue in Starbucks. And finally I was followed by an ostrich! I was running and the ostrich was running after me when I heard the sound of a PING. I kept my eyes closed and wondered who’d PING me at this hour. I closed my eyes tightly trying to go back to sleep when the alarm rang. DAMN IT. It was 7:30 already. I slept for like around 10 minutes?!  I was so tired and my eyes were not seeing clearly that the word DISMISS looked like a German word and I was wondering how the language set up in my phone got changed!
I dragged my heavy body out of bed, and guess who was back? BARRY WHITE. We got it together didn’t we? (8)

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