A road of your own..

We are lucky enough to live in a century where women are independent and powerful. It wasn’t so far away when women worshiped their vacuums and washing machines back in the 60’s. Nowadays, women are CEOs, presidents and life coaches. The day has come and your existence can make a difference. You have the power to change your life and the life of many others in this world. You only have to realize that you own the power, and that it’s all in your hands.

It is amazing how chances are all around us and how we almost have no culture boundaries that will come between us and who we’d like to be. But unfortunately, there is still a big number of women who are stuck to the traditional term of a “woman” and still applying the same old job description. Many women are still entirely dependent on their men, financially and emotionally. It could be their husbands, fathers, brothers or even sisters. They dismiss their whole life, their whole personality, and live for their husband and kids, until one day they find themselves all alone.

My main point of writing this article is to remind each women that she should be financially and emotionally dependant. The number one rule of survival is to secure yourself. If you have a job of your own try opening a separate bank account and call it “emergency account”. You don’t have to save a fixed amount each month in it, just treat it as a home for your extra cash even if it wasn’t worth much. There will come a day when you’ll need it. If you’re not working and you receive your money from someone else, you can still do this. It is extremely important to secure yourself because in life no one lasts forever and you will eventually have to depend on yourself someday.

Money is not everything, what comes on top of that is you as a person. You have to have your own personality, your own life, your own way of thinking, and your own interests. Of course your family will always come on top of everything, but don’t allow that to steal you away from yourself. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Everything is perishable. Your children will grow up sooner or later and they will have their own lives. Love them and give them good care, but give yourself as much care. You don’t want to wake up someday and find yourself all alone. With no life to go on with. Convince yourself that the only one who can take good care of you is not your father or your husband, it’s you and only you.

Our problem is that we take everything in life for granted. We don’t realize that life is full of surprises and that anything can happen any minute and change our life forever. The financial crisis is the biggest example. Death, sickness, natural disasters, war and many other events happen to people all around the world every day. And we have to make sure that we are strong enough and well prepared to stand on our feet in all times, no matter what life brings us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a married woman, a mother, single, widow, handicap or whatever your status is. All you have to do is to find yourself and have a life of your own. Apply for a job that you’re interested in, become the next Oprah Winfrey or the first Arabian woman to land on the moon, travel around the world, meet new people, practice your hobbies, workout your body, learn something new, and strengthen your relationship with your friends. If you look inside of you, you’ll find 101 things that you’re passionate about and that you’d love to do before you die. So find out and get yourself out there before it’s too late.

I wish you a road of your own to follow, filled with positive energy, love, and enthusiasm.


22-Sep 2010