Angel on Earth.. 3- April 2009

I achieved one of my very important childhood dreams when I attended Fairouz’s concert last year in Bahrain. Tonight, I achieved my second most important childhood dream by attending a concert for Majida Al-Roomi right on the same stage. I consider myself a very lucky person to achieve such dreams by the age of 26.

I was worried all week that something would come up and stop me from being there. I always get that feeling when an important event is coming up. The week went 3ala khair, but I woke up to find out that it was raining and that a thunderstorm is coming up. I spent almost the whole day peeking through the window every now and then checking on the weather and hoping for the storm to WAIT since the concert is going to be held outdoors. Endless messages were sent between me and my friends about what we’ll wear, when we’ll go and how we’ll survive the thunderstorm.

When I first sat on my seat I looked around at the place. It was almost the same as last year. Same crowd, same purple sky and spring breeze. It was a bit chilly but it wasn’t raining. I wore my coat and put my phone on silent. I didn’t want anything to distract me from living my dream.

It went dark, live music started playing and an angel in white came out of the very black dark stage. She was more beautiful than ever, classy as usual, wearing that very beautiful smile that comes right from the heart. And what can I say about that voice, that pure magical voice that you can never get enough of.

When I was around 6 years old, I used to play her songs and sing along facing the mirror with a brush in my hand. Sometimes I’d come up with a dance and imagine that I’m dancing on stage and even think of who the audience were. And I still listen to those songs, I can never get bored of them no matter how old I get. We were hoping on our way there that she’d sing some of those 80’s songs and she didn’t let us down. She did sing three of my very favourite oldies: Ghanni, Ma6ra7ak be albi and Khedny 7abeebi. I was literally dancing on my seat, swinging left and right, singing along knowing every single word and beat. For some moments I felt like it was only me and her. Just like the old days, but instead of the mirror and the tape it was her singing right infront of me.

I loved how she was interacting with the audience throughout the whole concert. She’s such a humble person, she assured us that she will keep singing no matter how the weather turns out and that she will fully understand if we decided to leave because of the storm. And the way she feels the music is just amazing. Her gestures, her movements, her very cute way of dancing. She holds her gown and moves to the left and to the right and sometimes down and then up again. You just can’t take your eyes off of her.

Bahrainis always loved her, she used to come here often and she even had a song about Bahrain. One of her songs was shot in Bahrain, ana 3am ba7lam, right in the same fort where the concert was held. But the audience weren’t just Bahrainis this time. There were many Lebanese of course, Kuwaitis, Iraqis and Saudis. Those were the accents that I heard around me and I’m sure that many others were present.

Another dream that came true tonight is that she sang many of my very favourite old Lebanese songs in a medley: 6alo a7babna for Wadee3 el9afi and Raje3 yet3amar Lebnanfor Zaki Nasif. I’m a very big fan of national Lebanese songs and it was more than marvelous to hear it in her delicate voice. I’m sure that the Lebanese lady that was sitting on my left thought that I was Lebanese for singing all those songs fluently!

The audience went mad when she started singing eltoba, which is originally for Abdul Halim. I’ve always preferred her version, she has a unique way of singing it. And I was surprised that she still sings it in her concerts. It’s so nice of a big singer like her to sing songs for others when she has a huge collection of her own songs. I also enjoyed very much how they jazzed up her old songs in a very contemporary way. I’m sure that most audience who were not so familiar with her songs couldn’t tell the old from the new.

Back in the mid 90’s a concert was held for Majida in Albert Hall in London. I remember how much I wished to be there when I saw some short scenes on TV and I even recorded them. I’m sure that the tape is still there, somewhere between all those video tapes I have. Which reminds me of also recording a whole concert for her that was aired on Bahrain TV. I think that it was Eid and it was held here in Bahrain in 1994, all I remember is that she was wearing a white suit and that I was too young to attend such concerts.

Everything was perfect, from the music to the lighting. It was too good to be true that we didn’t feel that the two hours were already over. I couldn’t believe it when she waved goodbye and thanked the maestro. That’s it? It took me few seconds to wake up from that magical dream and realize that it’s over. She left, but she came back to sing one of the most beautiful lyrics ever written, Beirut set el dunia. She left again, but we waited, hoping that she’d come back and sing some more. But she didn’t, and the dream was over with no storm or a single drop of rain. We walked out with nothing but…..Kalimat 😉

I wonder who’d it be next year. Julia Butrus maybe? I hope so. Who’s as big as Fairouz and Majida? My sister thinks that it might be Warda. One of my crazy friends went a bit far with her predictions: Celine Dion! Let’s wait and see what dream we’ll be living next…

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