That Awkward Box..

I’ve always thought of elevators as a form of public transportation. It moves you from one point to another & picks up whoever comes its way, which creates a very awkward atmosphere. Or am I the only one who thinks of being with 2 or 3 strangers in a very small closed place as awkward?

When our offices moved to another building, our department was on the 7th floor. So those awkward moments reached its peak (I used to work on the first floor before). Sometimes I found myself with total strangers, standing face to face, I looked around, my eyes would roll, I looked at my nails, stared at my shoes, and everyone would be looking at the small “screen” that shows which floor we were on, as if the left would move faster if we all stared at it. And sometimes I found myself with people I barely knew, and had to come up with conversations, very very general conversation, like the weather, or the…weather !!

I was watching my very favorite show a few minutes ago, Ally McBeal. And she was in the elevator with her roommate when suddenly a guy she liked came in, & the roommate left. And there they were alone in the elevator, at that very awkward moment the music of Jeopardy came out of no where. I laughed so hard that the bowl of cereal I was holding almost fell out of my hand. The very right music at the very right moment.

What is even more awkward is when the elevator is full but yet people manage to find you an empty spot where you can squeeze yourself. So when its time for someone from the very other end to come down, we all have to evacuate the elevator in order for this one person to leave. And while getting back in the door just HAS to close on someone’s shoulders! I personally avoid packed elevators but sometimes I find it rude not to get in because it somehow stopped at that floor for me! Or not to turn down some very sweet people who move & offer space !

The funniest thing is when you get in the elevator & accompany people who know each other but you don’t know them. You’d hear their jokes & try so hard not to laugh. Or know the answer of a question they asked & you’d have to stay quiet. Obviously they all know that you’re hearing their conversation but you still have to act as if you’re not !

If you go through the details of things that might happen in those very few minutes you spend in the elevator you’d find it non ending; when someone who stinks gets in & you must control your face expressions, when a delivery guy gets in & your starving, when you get in talking on your cell phone & the signal goes down & you find yourself talking to no one, when you forget to press on the floor button or you don’t offer pressing it for other people, when you leave at the wrong floor (very embarrassing), when a child keeps staring at you all the way, when your having a conversation with someone out of the elevator & the door starts closing & he’s still talking, when the door closes on you or before you go in/out, and the list could go on !

My advice is, TAKE THE STAIRS lol. Have a good day & remember me in the elevator 🙂

March 4th 08

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